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Posting stories to the comm rather than to your own journal...

Hey all,

This is the only one of my communities where a preponderance of the writers post their stories directly to the comm, rather than posting the story to their own journal and linking to the story here.

I wanted to take a moment to warn those of you who do this that by posting your story text here, rather than by linking, you run the risk of losing your comments, especially if you are posting something that has particularly explicit content.

Because livejournal has been modifying its policies over the last few months, there may come a time when this community has to decide how to handle certain material--lock it, delete it or whatever. If your story and comments live here on this journal comm, you have no control over what happens to your post. Worst case scenario, you could lose your story and all your posted comments. (This is because a community moderator has no ability to lock a member's post. A moderator only has the ability to delete a post, so if a problem arises, the only easy option is to delete.)

However, if your story was posted to your own journal and linked here, you would not only have all your comments in one place (rather than spread across multiple SV communities), you would also have complete control over the content in the case of a content attack by TPTB. You could lock your journal completely, go friends only; you could back up your journal to another service or pdf it; you could edit the story, taking it from explicit to merely descriptive if you needed to, knowing that there is only one version out there that you have to deal with, and that version is completely under your control.

I'm contemplating making it a rule that you cannot post stories directly to this community, simply because I know it will turn into a problem at some point in the future, and it increases the community's overall liability. However, I don't think I should need to make it an official rule because it makes so much more sense to post to your own journal.

Please consider adjusting your modus operandi.


12-15-07 ETA: With the new changes to LJ w/re to filtering and flagging content, I am making it a rule that fic be posted to your own journal and linked here, for all the reasons stated above.
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