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A Slash Community for Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) in the Series Smallville

Welcome to ollieville. This is a SLASH community dedicated to Oliver Queen of the television show Smallville. On-topic for this community is any SLASH fanfiction or fanwork featuring the character Oliver Queen with any other male character on the show or with any character from any sort of crossover as the MAIN pairing (if there is some Oliver/Lois as a backdrop for Oliver/Clark, for instance, the fanfic would be on-topic). Additionally, comments, discussions, icons, fanart and other fanworks related to Oliver Queen or the actor that plays him, Justin Hartley, by himself without a pairing is on-topic. In practice, this means that you can post icons or a fanvid here that just features Oliver Queen, or can discuss Justin Hartley's latest acting role. However, all fanfiction posted here must be SLASH based, pairing Ollie with some other male. This community does not accept HET or GEN fanfiction or or other HET fanworks. Additionally, this community does not accept RPS.

If you have a question about whether the content you wish to post is on-topic for this community, please contact the moderator before posting.

This community will often post and discuss material of an adult nature, including violent content, sexually explicit fan fiction and fan artwork and materials dealing with topics considered taboo by societal norms. Hence, only adults over the age of 18 are welcome to watch or join. If you are under the age of 18, please go elsewhere. We hold no responsibility over your reactions/actions regarding this community, the discussions we generate or the resources gathered.

Please note, this community is a fan endeavor, organized for fun not profit and is in no way associated with the CW or its affiliates. No harm is intended.

  • Membership to the community is open and all members have unmoderated posting access; however, all off-topic posts will be deleted with or without notice on a case by case basis.

  • Spoiler Policy | Please be courteous and place all episode spoilers for the current season behind a LJ-cut with appropriate warnings. It is the policy of this community not to require spoiler warnings for prior seasons.

  • Please label all fiction as such in the subject line of your post (e.g. Fic: The Long Way Home) and use the FANFIC tag. Also ollieville requires that you use headers when you post fiction to this community to enable members to adequately determine whether they want to read your story or not. The minimum requirements for a story header are:

    Warnings: if applicable
    Spoilers: if any (for current season only)
    Previous Chapters: Direct links to previous chapters or a story index page for multi-chapter fic

    Even if you link back to a story that actually resides elsewhere (on your own journal, for instance), please post a full header to the community as part of your notice.
  • Please use the LJ-cut tag (or merely link to the item) if:

    • it (fanfic, fanart, etc) is considered R or NC-17;
    • the fanfic is more than 500 words;
    • it is a music video (usually embedded by YouTube);
    • you are posting more than three icons; or
    • the fanart or comic scan is bigger than 320x480 pixels.

  • Advertising your community here is strictly prohibited unless you say something like "cross-posted to ollieville and [your community]"; only that type of "advertising" is allowed in this community. However, if your community is strictly Ollie-related, contact a moderator for permission first and the advertisement may be allowed.

  • Advertising websites not related to Oliver Queen on Smallvile or the actor who plays him is strictly prohibited. If you have an Oliver-related website and wish to be linked, see the Affiliates section below for more information.

  • Trolling, insults, personal attacks or mocking other community members will not be tolerated and may be cause for banning.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact tmelange at any time by leaving a comment or by email (tmelange at gmail dot com). There's no need to ask us if you are allowed to pimp this community - feel free to advertise it everywhere. :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find stories about Oliver Queen on Smallville?

A: The fan fiction that has been posted to this community can be retrieved by using the LJ-tag system and going HERE. There are also a few general Smallville archives, most notably the Smallville Slash Archive.

Q: Does this community allow crossovers?

A: Yes. All SLASH fiction is allowed, as long as it contains the Smallville version of Oliver Queen in it and pairs Oliver with another male.

Q: Does this community allow posts about Justin Hartley (e.g. interviews, upcoming projects)?

A: Absolutely.

Q: Can I post notices of fanworks here that are friends-locked in my journal?

A: No. Only links to publicly accessible material should be posted to this community. If you have fanfiction or fanart that is friends-locked in your journal, please do not announce that material on this community.

Q: I already post notices of my fanfiction to numerous other Smallville communities. Should I post the same thing here too?

A: Please use some restraint and common sense when posting notices of fanworks to the Smallville community at-large. Posting the exact same notice to ten different communities, all at the same time, tends to spam people's f-list and become annoying. I suggest you either pick two or three comms that are most relevant to your material and post to them, or stagger notification over the course of days. Of course, you can do whatever you like, but please keep this suggestion in mind.

Affiliates are greeted with much rejoicing. To become an affiliate, please email me directly: tmelange at gmail dot com.

Current affiliates:

  • dcu_freeforall - The DCU Free For All Fanfic/Fanart Challenge Community
  • wfslash - A Superman/Batman Slash Community
  • sv_ledger - The Smallville Fandom Newsletter
  • wf_roundup - A Fandom Newsletter for the Superman/Batman Pairing

  • Much appreciation goes out to cmer and the worlds_finest community for letting us crib their profile page.

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