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[Admin] Non-Public Story Announcements

I've received multiple complaints about people posting story announcements here that link to posts that are either friends-locked in their journal or lead to archives that require registration to access the story.

Please do not post story announcements to the ollieville community unless the announcement leads to publicly accessible material. Because this is a community, it sort of goes without saying that anything promoted here should be available to the community at-large without extra steps that need to be taken, especially in the instance of friending. If something is friends-only, or otherwise moderated, then it is not really a community resource, and as such, shouldn't be advertised here. I suggest perhaps announcing your material with appropriate caveat to the sv_ledger or other fandom newsletter.

Any announcement posted here that leads to something that is not publicly accessible without friending or registration will be deleted.


[Admin] Community Focus Change -- Please Read

Hey all,

Back in 2006, when I first decided to organize this community, the issue came up regarding whether to accept ALL Oliver-related fanfic (gen, het and slash) or whether this was going to be a slash-specific comm. Now, for me, this was an unusual decision, one that I never had to consider before because in all the years I've been moderating communities, I've never considered setting up a het comm, let alone one that is a basic free for all.

However, I had someone who wanted to co-mod at the time, and she preferred to have the comm accept everything indiscriminately. Against my better judgment, I agreed and set up ollieville that way. Of course, two weeks later, my co-mod lost interest in this comm and I was...stuck...with a comm that had a topic that I didn't feel like working towards.

I like to "work" with my comms. To the extent possible, I like to do activities and hold contests and set up resources etc. As long as there is interest and I have the time, I've always been willing to devote as much time and resources as was necessary to promote the comm and the character/pairing. However, I found out early on (after the first contest) that I shy away from doing anything with ollieville, simply because anything I do has to include gen and het provisions, and I have to create a structure and read things that pertain to situations, pairings and characters that I simply...have no time, interest or patience for. I don't want to sponsor a contest here because I, personally, don't want to read Oliver/Chloe or Oliver/Lois -- and I would feel bad if I, as the moderator, didn't read every entry. I don't feel like setting up an archive for the same reason. Really, as far as fandom is concerned, I'm only interested in (and have time for) slash.

Now, I had resigned myself to simply letting this comm sit. Oliver, hot as he is, could only get but so popular in the Smallville fandom because of his limited role (this is besides the fact that the overall enthusiasm for Smallville generally is probably waning). However, as you all likely know by now, Oliver Queen is slated to be a significant part of Season Eight and because there will be more excitement and fodder to work with...I think it's time to make a change -- even if it lessens the overall flow of traffic on this community.

Hence, I am changing ollieville to a slash-only community.

This means that the community now accepts fanfic that pairs Oliver with any male on the show or as a crossover, and other types of fanworks and discussion that feature Oliver (or Justin Hartley) alone or in a slash pairing. The comm no longer accepts any het or gen fanfic, or any other fanwork or discussion that is het based.

In practice, this means you can post icons or a fanvid here that features just Ollie, but any fanfic post must contain Ollie in a male/male relationship as the MAIN pairing. This doesn't mean that there can't be some Oliver/Lois as a backdrop to a Oliver/Clark relationship but it can't be Oliver/Chloe with a dab of Oliver/Clark.

I've made all the relevant changes to the ollieville Profile Page. Please read that page for more information on this policy change.

I apologize for the fact that this topical change will disproportionately impact those community members who are here for the gen or het, and have made valuable contributions to the comm in those area. *sigh* I know it's not fair, but I have to do what works for me regarding my comms, and structure them in a way that I won't feel disinclined to devote my time and attention to something that I'm responsible for.

If you are a het or gen-only fan, I'd like to direct you to the following comms:

emerald_arrows -- Accepts all Ollie-based fic
chlollie -- Oliver/Chloe community
kara_oliver -- Oliver/Kara community

And, of course, there are numerous Lois and Chloe-specific communities, and Smallville het and gen and all-topic communities for you to choose from.

I'm not really accepting comments or discussions about this change. However, if you feel you really must discuss something with me, please email me off-comm. My email address is on the profile page.

While I value members to this comm, if you do not like this change, you can obviously unsub from this comm at your own discretion. However, please refrain from "announcing" your departure or feeling the need to inform me of the reason(s) for your decision. I can infer the reason for your departure quite easily, and am not interested in the particulars.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Posting stories to the comm rather than to your own journal...

Hey all,

This is the only one of my communities where a preponderance of the writers post their stories directly to the comm, rather than posting the story to their own journal and linking to the story here.

I wanted to take a moment to warn those of you who do this that by posting your story text here, rather than by linking, you run the risk of losing your comments, especially if you are posting something that has particularly explicit content.

Because livejournal has been modifying its policies over the last few months, there may come a time when this community has to decide how to handle certain material--lock it, delete it or whatever. If your story and comments live here on this journal comm, you have no control over what happens to your post. Worst case scenario, you could lose your story and all your posted comments. (This is because a community moderator has no ability to lock a member's post. A moderator only has the ability to delete a post, so if a problem arises, the only easy option is to delete.)

However, if your story was posted to your own journal and linked here, you would not only have all your comments in one place (rather than spread across multiple SV communities), you would also have complete control over the content in the case of a content attack by TPTB. You could lock your journal completely, go friends only; you could back up your journal to another service or pdf it; you could edit the story, taking it from explicit to merely descriptive if you needed to, knowing that there is only one version out there that you have to deal with, and that version is completely under your control.

I'm contemplating making it a rule that you cannot post stories directly to this community, simply because I know it will turn into a problem at some point in the future, and it increases the community's overall liability. However, I don't think I should need to make it an official rule because it makes so much more sense to post to your own journal.

Please consider adjusting your modus operandi.


12-15-07 ETA: With the new changes to LJ w/re to filtering and flagging content, I am making it a rule that fic be posted to your own journal and linked here, for all the reasons stated above.

Holiday Fic Exchange, Anyone?

Friendly neighborhood moderator, here:

Is there any interest in a Green Arrow secret santa holiday exchange?

Or, perhaps, a holiday-themed contest or challenge?

Or, maybe, a holiday kinky porn round robin?

We could even divide up into teams and do a version of Survivor: Ollieville for the holidays and see which fangirl (or guy) is the last one standing. LOL

Anyway, there are a lot of Smallville-related holiday things going on in the fandom generally, and it's my thought not to add yet another, but please do speak up if you want me to run some special activity on this comm. If there are a significant number of people who want something done locally, I'll try to organize an activity. Otherwise, I'll devote my dubious talents to my many other pursuits. ;)

Beta Post

A community member mentioned that it would be helpful if I put up a post to solicit beta readers for people who need them.

If you are willing to serve as a beta reader for people writing Oliver pairings, please comment on this post, indicating which pairings you are interested in, your limitations and your availability. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Finding a beta reader is a difficult thing these days, and is really tied to whether or not you have friends who are willing and capable to volunteer their time. I never really know what to tell writers (especially newbies) who want a beta reader but don't have anyone to ask (short of volunteering to do the beta reading myself). It's sort of a Catch-22 where people want you to have fanfic beta read but there's a lack of volunteers to do the work consistently and quickly. No practical solution to this dilemma has ever really presented itself in my many years in fandom. All I can say is I hope more people volunteer, and I wish you luck finding the right person to help take your fandom contributions to the next level.

And Now A Word About Quality Control

Hey all,

Please try to have your fanfic beta-read by a person qualified to do so before posting your stories to this community. Obviously, I have no control over the way a member chooses to present his or her own work (other than in egregious instances), however, if the desire is to have your work read by other people in this community and for them to comment favorably upon it, it is probably a good idea to show your readers the respect that a good editing would provide.

I'm not so much concerned about people who post fic to their own journals and simply announce here. In that instance, your work, for better or worse, is attached to your own name and journal and only the formating of the announcement would concern me primarily. But for the people who post stories directly to this community, I ask that your work be polished to a reasonable degree, simply out of respect for other community members.

If you do not have a qualified beta or do not wish to edit your work, then I ask that you post to your own journal and simply link back here.


Admin Notice: Age Requirement

I wanted to remind everyone that this community has an age requirement which is clearly stated on the profile page. I know the Smallville fandom attracts a lot of high schoolers but this community accepts adult material, and is a community that requires all members be adults to participate. If, through whatever means, I ascertain you are a minor I will ban you from being a member here without appeal. Of course, this doesn't stop you from watching this community, but posting, participating in contests, etc. would be barred.

Livejournal is in the middle of creating a content filtering system that will segregate out adult communities from minors, in the same way that ygroups does, so this issue will in the relatively near future become moot as LJ will assume responsibility for age verification in that instance. I happen to agree with the general policy of separating adults and adult content from minors, and all of the communities I moderate already have such a policy in place, but I also have no interest in policing hundreds of people. I will only enforce this policy to the extent that the issue comes to my attention. However, I do enforce it upon notice.

Ollieville website etc.

Hey all,

I'm going to put up the Ollieville website, just as a repository and archive of the stuff that is Ollie-related and that is important to the comm. I have a couple of questions and requests for help. If you read this, please leave a comment as appropriate.

1) I want to host episode caps from all of the Ollie episodes. Is there anyone who has a set they can donate to the cause? I know kayim had some caps up, once upon a time...

2) For the upcoming season, I will need someone who will make caps of the Ollie episodes. If you'd like to be that person, please let me know.

3) Does anyone have or know of episode transcripts for just the Ollie episodes?

4) I'm going to set up a fiction archive. It will only ever be a small archive, I suspect, since there isn't a ton of Ollie-based fic being generated, but I'm going to set up one anyway, just for the sake of organization. If you've posted fic to this group, please leave a comment here with permission to archive (or saying that you do not want to be archived). This way, I won't have to run around, asking everyone individually.

5) I also want to archive icons. I think this makes it easier for a person to peruse all Ollie-icons and pick ones they want to use, instead of having to dig through journal. If you've posted an icon announcement to this group, please comment with permission to archive. All icons will be properly attributed to the creating artists.

6) I also want to host Ollie-based fan videos. Please comment with permission.

Of course, if there is anyone out there who is particularly gifted with web design skillz, and wants their Ollie-layout to be the one featured on the website, LMK.


[Admin] Posting Multi-Chapter Fiction

Hey all,

I wanted to take a minute to thank people for posting fiction to the community and to request that authors follow a new guideline with regard to posting multi-chapter fic.

It is very difficult for a reader to search in a community for a multi-chapter fic that does not include an index or links to previous chapters in the notes to each chapter announcement. With no link or index page grouping together past chapters, a reader is consigned to going through the archive, month by month, trying to put together all of the pieces.

In my other communities, authors mostly post fiction to their own journals, and then link to the story at the community with a header announcement that contains links to previous chapters. However, there are authors here who are posting fic directly to this community -- and that's great. But, for the sake of organization and the convenience of future readers, I'm going to ask that all multi-chapter fics somehow contain links to previous chapters (preferably an index page that is maintained back at your own journal, especially if your fic has over 10 chapters).

I would appreciate it if all authors follow this new guideline in the future, and that those authors who have been posting multi-chapter fic go back and edit the header for each chapter to include a link to an index page, maintained at your own journal, or a links list, if it isn't too long a list.

private RL

intro: saying "hi" to all members :)

Just a short notice, as nothing much will change, since our lovely Ollie com is running as perfect and nicely as it is:

I have joined the Ollieville-modly-forces with our awesome community founder, tmelange *g*.

So, if you have any requests, or ideas, feel free to jump in into any of our modposts, write me or Theresa an email.

Most of you might or might not know me, I am mostly a clex reader, but I am rapidly expanding my ships, I also mod sv_vids, and a few other sv-related places, and in short, I think, the SV cast, whether the main characters, or any other of the past and current cast, is simply the most gorgous and best looking on tv.

Feel free to pimp ollieville in your Ljs, link to us, and most important, if you see anything Ollie or Justin related fics, art, vids, manips anywhere, tell the artists to post/announce their work here, or simply rec or announce it for them!

Plus, I have a rec post for Ollie up in my <lj user="theme_clex_recs> Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) http://theme-clex-recs.livejournal.com/16069.html (just be aware, I am updating very, very slow and irregularly) any more questions :D ?